Conscious Designing and a commitment to Sustainability

My Brand is 100% Irish with all designing and manufacturing done in County Kerry, Ireland where a conscious effort is made to focus on benefit for client and climate.

To help reduce my carbon footprint, all my raw materials are sourced from Local, Irish and Spanish Suppliers from the finest European Mills.

My designs are primarily made to order to cut back on surplus or unnecessary stock, combined with an aim to reduce waste ensuring every bit of fabric is used and any surplus is reused in future designs, upcycled or used as linings, button coverings, belts. Clients are regularly offered the surplus fabric from their design for use in their headpieces. I also, have a relationship with many milliners who take the smaller leftover quantities to reuse in their millinery.   All this combined means a more sustainable approach to my business. I also aim to expand the use of sustainable materials in conjunction with the mission of my suppliers below.

We use organic, regenerated, recycled materials more frequently in the threads that make up our collection, with the aim of "GOAL:100% SUSTAINABLE"

We contribute to sustainability, the use of natural and energy resources and the PROTECTION OF BIODIVERSITY”

We believe in the CREATION OF SUSTAINABLE VALUE AND REDUCING THE NEGATIVE IMPACTS of the company's activity on its social, natural and economic environment, and maximising the positive impacts.

We promote ethical behaviour committed to respecting and UPHOLDING HUMAN RIGHTS with any stakeholder that engages with Gratacós.